Spontaneous Saturdays

The Golden Eagle Trail attempt  for the last time.  If I don’t get at least two other people to go, I’ll cancel:

On Saturday,  I am planning on hiking the Golden Eagle Trail – 9.2 miles. I’m going to be a hiking heretic and confess that this isn’t my favorite hike up there. My heart belongs to the Black Forest Trail, but I’m probably the only one who feels that way. Nonetheless, it’s well worth doing and…HIKING!!! Is there a better way to spend the day?

It’s described as strenuous and I don’t think I’d disagree. Add your thoughts in comments, if I’m wrong; I did it last November so it’s not all that fresh in my mind. The climb to Raven’s Horn, near the beginning of the hike, is a good workout and the first half of the trail is a steady climb. There’s a fairly steep downhill at one point, but it’s not terribly long. Most of the hike is along creek beds – Wolf and Bonnell Runs and there are nettles. There are usually snakes at Raven’s Horn, but I didn’t see any in November.

The weather forecast, as of today, looks excellent.  E-mail me at litz.jennifer@gmail.com if you’re interested in going and we can work out the details.


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