Spontaneous Saturday on a Sunday

Yesterday’s Loyalsock Trail was a success and not as insane as I was afraid.  I would do it again, BUT – if you do it, the Link Trail, where it starts by Loyalsock Creek is really awful.  It’s not bad at first, but later I found it poorly marked and ridiculously difficult walking.  If I do it again, I’ll follow it until the first time it connects with the road and will road walk it until it starts the uphill climb away from the creek.  Just my two cents.   It took me about 9 and 1/2 hours.  I didn’t quite do it as Tom Thwaites describes it in his 50 Hikes book – I started by walking away from the beach area and across the bridge to the High Rock Run Trailhead off of the road.  I think this cuts the distance by a bit, but I’m not sure how far and I don’t really care.  Anyway, it was a challenge and I think my last kinda nutty hike for the season – at least distance wise.

Stay tuned for this coming Saturday’s hike – not sure about the weather (haven’t really checked) and I may decide to take a week off.  But maybe not.


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