Spontaneous Saturdays – 7/8

Here’s what I’m planning to do this Saturday if the weather holds (as of this morning, there was a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms, which doesn’t seem terrible):
17 mile loop of the Loyalsock and Link Trails, starting at World’s End State Park.   If you’re interested or want more information, contact me at litz.jennifer@gmail.com.  I would really love some company!  I am going to leave State College very early, if that makes a difference.

As this blog is called “Spontaneous Saturdays”, things could change at the last minute.  In the future, I may not plan this far in advance, but the spirit moved me for this one, so I’m putting it out there.


2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Saturdays – 7/8

  1. Brenda

    Good morning Jennifer
    I like your blog…I also enjoy hiking on Saturdays & look for a few “fellow Saturday hiking companions” also.
    Your Loyalsock hike: I travel during the week & am enjoying hiking trails recommended by this reallly cool lady.Her name is Jean Aron. She published 40 great hikes here in Central Pa. If you want to, please find, The Short Hiker, all hikes are listed there by Nature Trail, Park or City.
    Perhaps you would care to join me occasionally?
    I’ll keep checking your blog too.
    Great idea!


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